I want to refer my friends to Oasis.app

To start referring your friends, visit https://oasis.app, connect your wallet and visit the "Refer a Friend" control panel.

You will see your personal referral link (https://oasis.app/?ref=0x....), click the "Copy" button next to it. Now spread the word! Send the link to your friends, family members, tweet it, post it on instagram, make it a QR code and post it on a billboard, you name it. For each new account that accepts your referral, you will see them in your control panel, and you will start earning part of the fees they generate!

Once your referred accounts start transacting on Oasis.app, you will see your rewards in the control panel. All rewards are denominated in Dai, and they are not automatically deposited in your wallet, so you will need to claim them. Due to the fact that claiming require a mainnet transaction, and therefore you will need to pay fees, it is recommended that you claim when the amount is higher than the gas fees, in order to avoid losing money.


I was referred to Oasis.app

If someone sent you their referral link, once you visit the website using the given link, you will need to connect your wallet

Once your wallet is connected, you will be asked to accept your friend’s referral. Keep in mind that your account can only be referred once.

Finally, once the invite is accepted, you can visit your Referral Dashboard to get your invite link and spread the word, or you can go to our homepage and start using our products. From this point on, 10% of all fees you generate will be shared in equal amounts between your account and your referrer’s account