To enable the protection for your Vault, first you need to go to your Vault’s page, where you should see the navigation tabs, as shown in figure 1:

Figure 1: Vault navigation tabs

Clicking on the “Protection” tab will show you the Stop-Loss protection view, similar to Figure 2:

Figure 2: Stop-Loss Protection view for a Vault

Here you can configure the Stop-Loss protection parameters from the slider and buttons located in the box shown at the right side of the screen. Make sure to read and understand the costs of setting up the protection and the inherent risks associated with the process.

When you settle on the protection parameters for your Vault, you will need to send a transaction to confirm your changes. You can do so by clicking on the “Add Stop Loss” button, at the bottom of the box.

Once this transaction is confirmed, your Vault will be protected.

You can watch a quick example of setting up the protection in the video below.


Video 1: Setting up Stop-Loss Protection in a Vault.