What is Follow Vaults?

Follow Vaults allows you to select the vaults you are interested in and save them to your “Followed Vaults” list. You can then easily view key data from the “My Positions” page and/or dive deeper into the current status of the vault or its history.


How do I set up Follow Vaults?

There are two ways to follow a vault:

  1. Through Discover Oasis, you will the new “Follow” button on the left side of the vault. Just a click and the vault will be followed and will appear under “Followed Vaults” on “My positions”
  2. Also, through Discover Oasis, you can view the vault. This will take you to the Overview of the selected vault, and you will find the “Follow” button next to the vault’s ID, as shown in the image below.


Once you follow a vault, it will appear in your “Followed Vaults” list on the “My Positions” page. Here you can scan data and compare your Followed Vaults, share a vault to Twitter, or click on “Unfollow” a vault and remove it from the list.

To share this vault on Twitter, you need to click on the “Share” button, as shown in the image below, directly from Discover Oasis (Figure 1) or on the Overview page (Figure 2). Your Twitter account will pop up with a predefined message and the link to the selected vault. You can edit your message as you please, and share it with your followers!

Follow Vaults on Oasis.app offers valuable insights into the strategies and investments of other users. Stay informed on the actions they take, the profits they earn, and the risks they take, helping you make more informed decisions in your investments.