Can I use Constant Multiple with other automation strategies?

Yes! You can use it alongside Stop-Loss to protect your vault from liquidation. However, you cannot use Constant Multiple at the same time as Auto-Buy or Auto-Sell due to the potential conflicting triggers. 

Can I use Constant Multiple on any vault?

Constant Multiple is only available on Multiply Vaults. If you have an existing Borrow vault, you can easily convert it to a Multiply Vault and set up a Constant Multiple.

Why are some Multiples Disabled?

You may notice that some multiples are disabled in the Constant Multiple Set up or Management screens. This may because you have Stop-Loss Protection in place that would be triggered if your vault hit these multiples. To prevent your Stop-Loss from being executed accidentally, the relevant multiples are disabled. To re-enable them, simply adjust your Stop-Loss Protection trigger and try again.