What is Discover Oasis?

Today we are introducing Oasis Discover. A dashboard that allows you to see all Vaults opened using Oasis and a series of stats about them. At a high level, you can browse any vault in the Oasis ecosystem and use the filters and features to learn how they are being managed firsthand.

By looking at other vaults in Oasis, you can benchmark your vault against others in the ecosystem and learn new insights!

Features and filters

Each feature has different filters, which you can use at your convenience to find faster what you are looking for exactly.

  • Highest Risk vault: Find out which vaults are approaching liquidation
  • Highest PNL vault: Check out the leaderboard of the most profitable Multiply vaults
  • Highest Yield vault: See how much yield other users are generating with Oasis.app Earn strategies
  • Largest Debt: Hunt for whales with the largest debt positions

The available filters are:

  • Asset
  • Multiple
  • Size
  • Timeframe

Please note: not all filters are available for all features.

How to use it?

Discover Oasis can be found under the “Discover” tab on our homepage. You don’t need to connect your wallet or have any open positions, it’s available for everyone.

Each feature is pre-filtered to relevant vaults; you can then apply different filters to each one of them and click each vault to view the position of all pertinent vaults you are looking for.