When the Stop-Loss protection acts in your Vault, your Vault page will show a summary of what happened to your Vault.

As you can see in Figure 1, you will find the following information:

  • When the Stop-Loss action was triggered
  • How much collateral was sold
  • The amount and type of asset withdrawn to your wallet
  • The price of the collateral when the Stop-Loss action was triggered
  • The total cost of the transaction

Figure 1: Vault's User interface after the Stop-Loss protection was triggered

Your funds are now in your wallet, either in collateral or Dai, according to your choice when the protection was enabled.

Even though your position is closed, and your Vault is now empty, you can re-open your position by depositing collateral back into the same Vault, or by clicking the "Reopen position" button. There is no need to create a new Vault, unless you want to change the collateral type.